Children Program

How Can Martial Arts Help Kids?

Develop Leadership

Bully Prevention

Martial arts can help children on both sides of the bullying equation. By providing benefits such as confidence, discipline, respect, self- control, leadership, stress relief and self- defense, martial arts helps both the children who are being bullied, and the children who are bullying others.

Here’s how:

For Bullies: Bullies often enjoy status and prestige because others fear them. They also command a lot of attention for their behavior. Martial arts helps prevent bullying by building up these children’s confidence in other areas, so that they won’t need to resort to bullying for attention and approval.

For Kids Who Are Bullied: Bullies pick victims that they think will be easy targets. A child who is weak, unsure of him or herself, or who is easily scared is an easy target. Martial arts prevents bullying by helping children build confidence so that they are able to project a demeanor of strength, and ensure that they are not perceived as potential victims.

Body Mind Systems offers eight martial arts taught as one. Kung Fu movements are circular and originated by observing animals and elements in nature. Bagua Zhang uses Daoist-based qigong techniques and philosophy, merged with a circular style of twisting martial techniques, including evasive footwork and palm changes. Qi energy is incorporated into one’s body using “circle walking” techniques. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal form of movement that focuses on the cultivation of Qi energy and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. Tai Chi promotes mental and physical well-being.