Our Castle Hills school is located next to Pan Dulce, at the Lockhill Selma and West Ave intersection.

The School

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Adults (15 yrs +)

Monday thru Friday: 7pm

Mon, Wed, Friday: 12pm

Saturday: 11am

Tue, Thur: 6pm (White Belts Only)

Juniors (10-15 yrs)

Mon, Wed, Friday: 5pm

Tue, Thur: 5pm (Advanced Juniors ONLY)

Saturday: 10am

Children (6-9 yrs)

Mon, Wed, Friday: 4pm

Tue, Thur: 4pm (Advanced Children ONLY)

Saturday: 9am

Multiple child & family discounts available.   Ages represent guidelines.  Instructors will recommend the best class for each child

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